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A foodie in New York

New York is the greatest compilation album you’ll ever buy. It’s the most romantic love letter you’ll ever receive and it is most certainly, the most delicious slice of life you’ll ever be served.

Between the steam rising through metal grates in the street, the honking, the endless milligrams of caffeine that gets served every day and the bright electric lights of Time Square, the city harbours an energy that enables you to keep walking long after your calves have given in and your feet have been screaming at you for hours to stop. It’s impossible. To stop that is. Each jolt of a subway train, every flashing green light compels you to move forward.

A lifetime in New York City may never be enough – there’ll always be that buzzing new bakery with bagels you’ll just have to sink your teeth into or a swanky, young-things bar serving frozen watermelon margheritas. Or that shop with the dress whose A-line cut and lilac silk fits just so. There are so many exciting treasures to found on the map: X marks the spot in many places that exude more quirk and quack than Daffy, more grace than a ’40s Hollywood starlet and more comfort than your mom’s chicken soup.  Being a total foodie, I did what every good traveler would do: I asked the locals where I should grab my grub. So if you’re looking for the best in New York’s most famous nosh? Here are a few of my favourite finds:

New York City Baby! 049

Corner Café Shop (Cnr Bleecker & Broadway):
Corner Café Shop reminds me somewhat of a quirky little café in Journalism that I used to escape to when the pressures of my 5000 word Journalism and Media Theory essays got too much. The people watching is fabulous, the portions are manageable and the breakfasts/brunches are just too yummy. Try the Crème Brule dipped French toast ($11) or the mushroom, spinach & goats cheese omelette ($9).

Sushi Damo (58th West Street. Right behind Time Warner Centre):
Elegant and expensive, I had the best sushi of my life here. You can choose to share a platter for two which includes 18 assorted sushi rolls, 10 pieces of sashimi and a 10-piece house special roll. Ours was the Monkey roll (shrimp tempura, eel and salmon wrapped in tuna and cucumber).  But before that delicious spread they serve you Miso soup. For drinks, I knocked back a Buddah’s Passion. If there’s space for dessert, Pink Berry fat-free frozen yoghurt is served two restaurants away.

Peanut Butter & Co (240 Sullivan St. Btw Bleecker & West 3rd):

For a smothering of quirk and charm, nothing comes close to Peanut Butter & Co. The décor is very simplistic – wooden baby blue and white chairs and tables and there’s one unisex loo. But what they lack in a good paint job they make up for in an array of colourful food choices where peanut butters transforms itself to gourmet status. How about a white chocolate peanut butter and orange marmalade sandwich with a crunchy layer of thinly sliced almonds or would a spicy peanut butter and chilled grilled  chicken satay sandwich with a little bit of pineapple jam do the trick?

For pizza: Head to Lombardi’s – New York City’s first pizzeria, and top your pizza with meatballs, wild mushrooms and extra mozzarella. (32 Spring Str. Cnr of Mott)

For modern elegance you can afford: Landmarc has the most mouthwatering appetizers imaginable. French onion soup, lamb meatballs served with whipped ricotta and mint, smoked mozzarella & zucchini frittas and linguine con vongole (pasta with clams) all get my stamp of approval. Bonus: Landmarc has a great view of Central Park so make sure to sit by the window. (10 Columbus Circle. 3rd Floor)

For cupcakes: Magnolia Bakery has made this huge name for itself by riding on the coat tails of the infamous NYC series, Sex in the City. I found them chalky. Disappointed? Very! Head to Crumbs instead. They’re buttery, they have a much wider selection and you can find them on a lot more New York corners.

For originality and cool: One of my favourite places was Vynl. Menus come embedded with old LP covers like Bruce Springsteen’s Born in the USA or Sonny & Cher’s greatest hits. Food is delish with a host of Asian-Californian fusion dishes, burgers, salads, wraps and sandwiches to feast on. The Cobb Salad Wrap will have your mouth full through the entire dinner conversation – yes, it’s that good and you’re sure to hit a home run with the Vynl Pad Thai or the Peking Duck Rolls.  And I’m convinced that their pomegranate margherita’s are the best in the city. (754 9th Avenue at 51st Str)

For the best pastrami on rye with a side of crispy fries you will ever eat in your whole life: Katz’s Delicatessen. The atmosphere is a kind of vintage that will never go out of style. Their food is so good you’ll be dreaming of pastrami sandwiches on your flight back home. And remembering Meg Ryan’s ‘O-O-O’ moment from When Harry Met Sally will make your squiz out the place trying to find the exact spot at where exactly that scene was filmed. This is one amazing diner joint. Best for lunch.

New York City Baby! 010

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Pigeon beats Telkom
2009-09-09 12:23

Cape Town – Winston, a homing pigeon, has made history by beating a Telkom ADSL line in delivering 4GB of data from Howick to Hillcrest, outside Durban in just 2 hours 6 minutes and 57 seconds, whereas the ADSL download was “still just under four percent complete” at 11:45.

South Africa’s most famous pigeon, left Howick just after 10:00 on Wednesday morning and flew a distance of around 70km to deliver a data card (strapped to his leg) to financial services company The Unlimited at its head office in Hillcrest.

Winston easily beat the ADSL line, despite giving it a 26 minute head start, while stretching his wings and waiting for the company data to be downloaded onto the memory card.

A confident Winston flew straight to his home in Gillits, outside Hillcrest, from where he caught a short car ride to reach the Hillcrest head office.  Homing pigeons have a natural ability to find their way home from any point of departure.

Winston enjoyed huge support with messages from fans on his Facebook profile and constant tweets on his Twitter feed.

He himself also twittered several times with comments like “flying weather cloudy and cool, feeling good, no major problems to report… Hillcrest traffic is a worry”.

Right from the start, the general consensus was that Winston would beat Telkom.

Cyber Stone Age

South Africans have long lamented the country’s slow internet connections and limited bandwidth.

Despite the launch of the new Seacom cable about two months ago and promises of superfast internet at affordable prices, South Africans are still stuck in the Cyber Stone Age.

The Unlimited Group initiated the pigeon race after intensive research in alternative methods of delivering electronic data fast and efficiently.

“We came across the lesser spotted internet protocol: IPoAC or CPIP, commonly known as Internet protocol over Avian Carrier or Carrier Pigeon Internet Protocol respectively,” the company said in a statement on their website.

Hundreds of fans followed Winston’s historic flight online, however, many of them had to settle for Twitter updates, as, ironically, their internet connections were too slow to watch the live stream.

“Crap! Internet connection useless! Unable to watch live stream, plse post running commentary so we know how Winston’s doing!,”  Jackyah333 tweeted on Twitter.

“Yeah thats why this #pigeonrace2009 is a great spectacle of telecoms inadequacy ;)” another Winston fan Kahlil_Incubus added.

According to a Sapa report, Telkom spokesperson Pynee Chetty declined to comment on Winston’s win, requesting the news agency to send questions via e-mail.


No hearts. There’s nothing to love about this.

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What is it about cupcakes that has the female world in a little tizz? Is it because they’re just the sweetest, prettiest, most adorablest food on the planet (is cake food?) or do you think it’s because they just taste so darn good? I’m not about to go all existential on you here over a cupcake, so I’ll just fast forward to the whole point of this blog…

Yesterday, my friend Ashleigh and I headed to Lazari in search of a tea time treat. And let me tell you, what we found was nearly the equivalent of a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. There sitting on the counter, was freshly baked,  red-velvet cupcakes topped with cream cheese icing. I’ve never seen red-velvet cupcakes before anywhere in Cape Town! Score!

Red Velvet Cupcake

And yes, they did taste as good as they looked!

Lazari food gallery
Addy: Cnr upper maynard st & vredehoek ave, vredehoek, cape town
Tel: 021 461 9865

PS. Look what I discovered on the net yesterday… I intend to hunt Cupcake Stop down while I’m in New York City and blog all about it!

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{Odette New York}

Yes, so you know by now that I’m obsessed with all things New York. During the month of July, songbird Taylor Swift lit up seventeen’s dance cover and while doing some research on her I noticed her wearing this really pretty swallow pendant. It’s so beautiful… And today, I found out who the jewellery designer is!


Her name is Jennifer Sarkilahti and her jewellery line is called {Odette New York}. Jennifer makes the most beautiful hand-cut pendants, earrings and rings I have ever seen. Everything has this amazing organic feel to it and each item comes in sterling silver, 14K rose gold or 14K yellow gold.

Her collections include bullet hole, animals, nature, circles, petit and sea. All of them are original and designed with the utmost care and attention to detail.

I feel the need to own an item… Or two. Or three.

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Wave Earrings Sea Collection

Wave Earrings Sea Collection

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