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Kris Allen – Let it be

If you missed Kris Allen perform the very moving ‘Let It Be’ on American Idol in tribute to Haiti, you missed a stellar performance from this past Idol winner. He was absolutely brilliant!

But do not fear, you can catch his performance on YouTube. Check it out!

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Paul Smith is love

There are a few things in life that really add a snap to my crackle and a maraschino cherry to the top of my ice-cream sundae. The one is shoes and right this very second, I’m lusting after two pairs from Paul Smith.

Chandra Heels, Paul Smith

Chandra Heels, Paul Smith

The first is the above pair of Chandra Heels from his Mainline collection. They’re soft grey in colour, have brogue pink detailing and matching laces. At £325 and 11cm high, they’re 100% pure fashionista love. Buy them here.

Tammy Heels, Paul Smith

Tammy Heels, Paul Smith

The second pair, coming in at just more than half the price of the Chandra sisters, (£180) but by no means half the love, are the candy-carnival striped Tammy Heels. These babies come with a matching skinny-waist belt, clutch purse and shopper. Shop for them and their darling add-ons here.

Now, how cute would you look in this sweet-heart denim dress with concealed deep pockets paired with either of those heels? Simply adorable I think.

Couture denim dress, Paul Smith

Couture denim dress, Paul Smith

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Borough Market

Jump on the northern line & head to London Bridge to get to Borough Market.

I’ve officially decided that one of my favourite places in London is Borough Market. Between the hot mulled apple juice, mushroom pate and pan-fried scallops served with crispy bacon and crunchy sprouts, it’s a little piece of heaven for a foodie like myself.

The first time I headed to Borough was three weeks ago and because you simply cannot sample even a 10th of what’s on sale, I found myself visiting my new fave spot this Saturday. So far, these are the most delicious of my mouthwatering finds:

1. The guy who sells youngberry jam in the Jubilee section of the market. It’s loaded with so many berries and is so purple, that you cannot help but dream about scones and clotted cream while sitting in the park with the sun blazing overhead…

2. In the fish market section, you have to try the pan-fried scallops and the chicken and seafood thai green curry.

Chicken & seafood green thai curry

Your food addiction starts here.

3. There’s nothing like a great chocolate brownie and I think the guys across the road at Konditor & Cook sell the best ones.

4. For coffee, mosey on over to Monmouth. Yes the que is long and a little daunting, but you won’t be sorry. Especially when you’re stirring in a heaped spoonful of their trademark vanilla-cinnamon sugar.

5. And then, after you’ve smacked your lips and licked your chops, head over to Brew Warf – an awesome, very-British bar with modern finishes for a Belgian fruit beer called Früli.

After all of that, clear your schedule… Cause you’re going to need the rest of the day to sleep off all that goodness.

*Need to know info:

Opening times: Thursday, 11am – 5pm; Friday, 12 noon – 6pm; Saturday, 8am – 5pm

For more info, check out http://www.boroughmarket.org.uk/

Olives at Borough market

All the olives your heart could ever desire.

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Have you seen the official LFW 2010 website? I’m stunned. And jealous (I wish I was working on it). And in awe. And need to keep this post short so that I can dive right back into all it’s fashion-forward-glory right this second.

Check it out here. Immediately.

London Fashion Week 2010

London Fashion Week 2010: http://www.londonfashionweek.co.uk

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Ella’s Bakehouse

After reading about the baked treats that were going to be sold in Topshop, I just had to head down to Oxford Circus and check it out for myself. And – oh my gosh – what a great decision it was.

Ella's Bakehosue

Ella's Bakehouse comes to Topshop.

Lorraine Pascal used to be a model – with a sweet tooth. Which as we all know, isn’t really allowed. Then one day while in Paris, she walked off the catwalk and into Patisserie school. Since then, she hasn’t put another perfectly pedicured toe on the runway.

Which is simply a blessing for the rest of us, because she’s really good at what she does. I noshed on a carrot cupcake. The vanilla buttercream icing made me want to reach for a spoon!

Ella's Bakehouse

The cupcake stand in Topshop

Check out Ella’s Bakehouse on the web and should you want to keep in the loop with what Miss Pascale is doing with her days, be sure to follow her on Twitter @lorrainepascal.

Carrot cupcake

From Ella with love...

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Seeing stars

I love stars. I always have. These celestial clusters that illuminate the night sky have always fascinated me. They’re the stuff dreams are made of really.

So you can imagine how delighted I was when I was served my skinny cappuccino at Pret in Holborn, with a chocolate dusted star floating upon my frothy daily shot of caffiene.

Simply stellar. I had to take a pic – naturally.

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Topshop… With all the trimmings

If you’re a London lady, I’ve got some news that’ll add diamond dust to your day. Topshop are bringing a host of darling delights in all forms that will make you swoon, spin and see twinkle-twinkle little stars. So clear your schedule because you’re about to have a serious fashion fling.

Sweet dreams are made of these…. 21 -28 Feb, 11.30AM – 6PM

Take a sweet-treat break from the same peeps who make the snacks for Luella’s show! Nosh on meringue pigs, ginger bread shoes and pretty frosted cupcakes. Find them next to the Concierge desk on the lower ground floor.

Hey Mr DJ…. 21 & 25 February

Keep your feet moving, your body swaying and your head bopping. Get to the store and listen to two of the hottest musos spin their tracks.
21 February: Stricken City, 1 – 3pm
25 February: Ebony Bones, 5 – 7pm

Designer dibs and dabs… 21 & 23 February, 1pm – 6pm

The perfect fit is just a stitch away. This week sees a workshop instore where the experts will adjust any sleeve, waist-band or hem… For free!

Go on a customised crusade… 24 & 25 February, 1pm – 6pm

As the Fashion Editor of Exit magazine, Aleksandra Olenska breathes style! Shop till your heart’s content and then let Aleksandra weave her bag of trinkets over your purchase. A touch of rivets here, a dab of ribbons there and a tassel for love and watch your fashion find transform into a unique buy.

Bag it… 23 & 26 February, 1pm – 6pm

Richard Nicoll, Ann-Sofie Back and Todd Lynn created exclusive graphics and Topshop went out and bought a printing machine. Soo that means that when you spend £15 in Topshop and you show your receipt at the printing station on the lower ground floor, you’ll get to take home a graphic print canvas tote.

You can keep your hat on… 27 & 28 February, 1pm – 6pm

These hatters are anything but mad. The best in the millinery biz hit Topshop with a bang as they show you how to make the most of your headwear. You’ll also get to don their creations for a moment. That mini-top hat really brings out your eyes don’t you think?

*All of the above workshops and events take place at Topshop Oxford Circus.

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