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Yesterday I decided to get lost. More specifically, I decided to get lost in Notting Hill. So, I did.

Portobello Road, Notting Hill

Portobello Road, Notting Hill

I jumped off the tube at Notting Hill Gate and then made my way down to Portobello Road and the infamous antiques market where you can get trinkets with all the brass bells and whistles that you could ever wish for. I’m not a massive fan of antiques, but the quirk and nostalgic nature of it all leaves you with a little giddy feeling that somehow, you just can’t shake for the rest of the day.

But there were loads of other places that caught my eye. Like Appletree Boutique which has the prettiest, most floaty chiffon dresses I have ever seen. They’ve got a crazy sale (50% off) going on at the moment and it took all the control I could muster up not to swipe away. Just a little further down from Appletree is Fussy Nation – home to oddball bits and bobs like cupcake-flavoured lip balm where you can get your fix in peanut butter, double chocolate and cinnabon.

Cupcake lip balm

Cupcake lip balm... Told you so!

Or if you’re having a rockstar moment, grab a gold-studded black leather clutch. And of course, le boyfriend would be terribly sad if you didn’t get him anything so swipe a Sherlock Holmes action figure and get some brownie points in the process. Staying with laugh-out-loud buys, Octopus has the cutest hair clips, brooches and alice bands I have ever seen. The bright plastic pandas, scottish terriers, wide-eyed anime girls and fried eggs brought out the pop-art lover in me. I love!

My last stop in Portobello road was at Jack Wills. Girls, if you’ve looking for slim-fitting, straight-cut vintage school blazers to wear to the Cambridge vs Oxford race next weekend, hot foot down to Notting Hill. They’ve got them in royal blue with white pin-stripes and pink with lilac pin-stripes. Stunning.

Jack Wills

Jack Wills

Before your journey veers you away from Portobello road check out the Electric Cinema Theatre – the oldest purpose built cinema in the UK. It opened its doors for the first time to the public in 1911, survived the war and celebrates the world that was with regular vintage screenings. It’s a definite must-see.

Electric Cinema

Electric Cinema

When your tummy starts to grumble, head to Westbourne Grove road and sample the wares at Daylesford Organic. It’s a little pricey but the salads are fresh, the bread is baked to perfection and the selection of take-away sandwiches will have you reaching for your magic 8 ball. For those on a bit of a budget, take a short walk to Ledbury Road and take a seat at the communal table at Ottolenghi. The spread of mouth-watering grilled fish, salads, bakes and pastries will tempt you to want to eat all day. I had aubergine, tomato and goats cheese bake (£4.50) and then as I was paying, a little buttermilk scone with orange and currants called out my name. I couldn’t say ‘No.’

Notting Hill has all the old-school charm of a pocket watch. Between the monument-sized Victorian houses and high-street boutiques there’s a modern sensibility about it that makes it feel familiar and homely. So next time you have a free afternoon, skip the hussle and bustle of Soho and head to Notting Hill instead. And leave your watch at home.

love love love

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Cakey creations

I’ve been meaning to blog about my latest little adventure since Friday, but this weekend came and went and well, I just didn’t get round to it. Sometimes, life is just like that.

Anyway. Last week Thursday evening, I had positively one of the most fantastical (I love that word… Chris, thank you for teaching it to me) times I’ve had in a while. I was elbow deep in finger-licking chocolate ganache and Italian buttercream icing. I tasted dark chocolate that had cherry undertones and then switched over to raw chocolate before piping loads of the loveliness in a massive ‘Happy Birthday’ onto a welcoming sheet of baking paper. It was so glorious.

Have you guessed where I was? I was standing in the middle of Bea’s of Bloomsbury’s kitchen – home to the most delicious tea-time treats du jour – attending a cupcake and baking basics class. The coffee is (literally) world-famous and the afternoon tea, is scrumptious. Ask any coffee-drinker-and-afternoon-snacker and they’ll tell you that I’m correct.

Pay Bea’s a visit by stopping by 44 Theobald’s Road, London, WC1X 8NW. The shop is open for breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea Monday through to Saturday and on Sunday you can treat yourself to lunch and afternoon tea.

Cupcake and baking basics classes are held on Thursday or Friday evenings, at 6.30pm. Each class costs £100 which includes all baking gear and 24 cupcakes (iced by you of course) which you get to take home with you. I can assure you that these cupcakes secure you major bragging rights. Guaranteed.


My cupcakes

For more deets, opening times and what they’re cooking up for lunch, hit www.beasofbloomsbury.com

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‘E’ is for Erin

Erin O' Connor

Erin O' Connor

Guess who I spotted yesterday jumping on the Victoria line at Vauxhall station… Erin ‘O Connor! Looking ever so fabulous – I was so gobsmacked I didn’t pay any attention to what she was wearing. Sorry peeps!

But, because it was my first bit of celeb spotting in London, I just had to share it with all of you.

love love love

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Alexa’s shoes

As of yesterday, I started following Alexa Chung on Twitter hoping that she would have some regular fashion gems to share with me. But alas, I soon discovered that she’s not much of tweeter despite having 119 010 followers waiting for her to share fabulous moments of her life with them.

But it wasn’t all in vain. I did discover a pair of instantly adoring shoes by Miu Miu that she posted a pic of in February.

“Congrats Miu Miu, you’ve made the perfect shoe. :)” – @alexa_chung on 24 Feb 2010.

Miu Miu shoes

Alexa Chung's Miu Miu shoes

Oh the things I would do to have a pair of Miu Miu shoes….

love love love

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OK. Deep breath in.

I have resigned from a perfectly good job. The people I was working with were great. The money – absolutely nothing wrong there. Stress levels – nothing that I’m not used to. So what was the issue? It wasn’t them, it was me. No, really.

Here’s the thing: I’m on the search for ‘it’. And in an effort to find it, I’m about to spill my guts right here on my blog and tell you what I love and where my strengths lie. In return, I ask you this: If you know of anyone who’s looking for someone like me, please send them this link. I’m incredibly grateful to each of you who do. Thank you.

When I was a kid, I loved puzzles and those colouring in books where you had to join the dots first before you could grab the crayons and make the roof of the house red and the front door yellow.

My love for joining the dots and seeing what will appear once all the pieces have been slotted into the right place still gives me that giddy feeling. Checking out the numbers that Google Analytics spits out is exciting – I get to see what online audiences can’t get enough of and then (and this is the really fun part), I love to brainstorm cool new ideas on how to make the user experience better. Redesigns are the best. It’s the adult equivalent to being given a stack of sticky pastels that stain your skin  and a massive sheet of paper. The possibilities are endless. Splashes of colour land anywhere you choose.


I’m good at getting lost. And I really mean that. I have zero sense of direction and very often get left and right mixed up. But I don’t care because getting lost means that I often find the most interesting places and meet the most fabulous people. Which works perfectly in my favour because I’m insanely curious about everything. For instance, popcorn is one of my favourite snacky foods and I always wanted to know how popcorn, well, pops. Did you know that in the middle of each kernel is a tiny bit of water that heats up and then ‘pops’ the kernel? Yip. Now you know. Cool huh?

One of the really great perks of having worked in the digital biz for the last three and a bit years is that getting lost in cyber space in search of the hottest, coolest new thing is the best position to be in for someone like me who loves to poke around in every nook, cranny and side street.


I am irrevocably in love with is words. I love how there are so many of them to choose from and how you can manipulate them and twist them and turn them and create them. Do you have a favourite word? I have a few. I love the word ‘clutter’ and how it immediately brings to mind the familiar sound of my mom performing pure genius in the kitchen. I think the most powerful word is ‘Becoming’ because of the immense opportunity it holds. One of the prettiest words I’ve ever heard is ‘stellina’. It means ‘little star’ in Italian and to me, it sounds exactly like a tiny, twinkling little diamond in the sky.

Now, on a much more work related note, here are five very practical statements that sum me up.

1. I’m very ambitious: At the age of 23, I was made Digital Editor. Nine months later I was promoted again to Group Digital Editor – a position that saw me representing 8 Ink Media Digital at all levels: to consumers, advertisers and media.

2. I have more than three years experience as an online editor and digital strategist where I managed the digital (online and mobile) content strategies and website redesigns for a number of brands.

3. I’m results-driven: In 12 months, I increased unique browsers to seventeen.co.za, the principal youth brand in my previous digital portfolio, by over 200% and page impressions by over 160%.

4. I’m a creative thinker: I’ve developed successful digital campaigns for Benefit Cosmetics, Dermalogica, Johnson & Johnson, Kotex, Designer Group, MTN SA, Procter & Gamble and more.

5. I am of the firm belief that firstly, there is no substitute for hard work and secondly, that your attitude determines your altitude in life.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Kind regards,

Lisa Moretti

E: lisatalia.moretti@googlemail.com

….. Deep breath out…..

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Jason Wilde – the same Jason Wilde – who’s photographs have been exhibited in the Tate Modern, the National Gallery and the Museum of London, snapped my portrait today… For free.

No, I’m not uber special or anything.

Jason is currently holding an open invitation for individuals to have their portraits taken to add to a documentary project he’s been working on – simply to showcase the wide variety of people living in London.

Keen? Tomorrow is your last chance. Head down to 97 Clerkenwell Rd/London/EC 1 between 12pm & 8pm and get in line to be snapped.

Everyone who takes part will receive a free A4 black and white print.

How cool? So cool.

To view more of Jason’s work, hit www.jasonwilde.com

love love love

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I’m am a devotee to the school of thought that proclaims that life is about the little things… Like a giant Robert Pattinson poster that makes the morning commute that much easier.

Thank you dear movie and poster people. I am grateful and appreciate you.

Remember Me

Remember Me is out in cinemas 2 April

Check out the trailer to the movie – So cannot wait to see it!

PS. You can catch the poster in Vauxhall and Chancery Lane station 🙂

love love love

❤ ❤ ❤

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