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Get Nouvelle Vague nails

Peter Phillips – Chanel’s genius creative director of cosmetics – has a new colour to share with the world. Actually, he has three new colours to share, but the fashion world is cooing over one in particular: Nouvelle Vague.

Chanel nail varnish

Chanel's hot new numbers: Novelle Vague, Mistral and Riviera

Andy ‘Pop Art’ Warhol has had his paint pots raided by Phillips and what has emerged are three eye-popping colours: aqua, peach (Mistral) and rose (Riviera). The aqua is particularly striking and it’ll also be a limited edition like it’s former paint pot, Jade. Not only that but Nouvelle Vague formed part of Chanel’s latest runway collection where it matched, enhanced and added a polished veneer to all outfits on the runway.

Chanel’s three new shades from the Summer 2010 collection hit counters in May. Start steadying yourself for the rush ahead.

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My TV boyfriend

One more sleep and then I get to see my TV boyfriend again – yay!

His name is Stefan Salvatore and he’s the hottie in Vampire Diaries. LOL. I’m currently addicted to this series and all activities cease to exist for an hour on Tuesday nights at 9pm. I haven’t felt so hooked to a plot since well… since… um…. maybe, Prison Break? Yes, I’m sure there are loads of you the world over rolling your eyes, sighing at how lame and out-of-control the whole vampire thing has gotten but seriously, I don’t care.

Paul Wesley

Paul Wesley stars as Stefan Salvatore in Vampire Diaries

Oh and a little footnote, before I continue: I think they got the casting wrong for Twilight – I think Stefan and Elena should have been cast. They actually have on-screen chemistry. Bella… yawn.

If you’re a fan of Paul Wesley (the actor who plays Stefan) here are three quick facts you may not have known about him:

– He’s fluent in Polish.

– His real surname is ‘Wasilewski’ but because people were botching it up all the time, he decided to simplify it.

– The tattoo on his shoulder is real. He debated with the producers about whether the character should have it and they decided, ‘Yes’. High-freaking-five to that.

Paul Wesley

The tat... It's real.

And then, there is the case of his abs. There are no words.

Paul Wesley abs


Paul Wesley



Vampire Diaries is on every Tuesday night at 9pm on ITV2.

If you missed any of the recent episodes, watch them here on ITV’s player

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Babies save the day in rollerskates for Evian. I’m so thrilled I didn’t have to watch another Miss America in a bikini showing off her latest hairography routine (thrashing her head about with hair going everywhere in an attempt to look oh-so-sexy). Evian, good job. I love this video – too cute for words! Hehehehe!

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Happy Monday!

Today is going to be an awesome day. Here’s why!

1. Glee starts again on E4 tonight at 8pm. Stoked.


2. I bought tickets this morning for Capital FM’s Summertime Ball which takes place at Wembly on 6 June. Let the countdown begin… So excited to Rihanna! Buy tickets here


Rihanna will be performing at the Summertime Ball on 6 June.

3. The sun is breaking through the London clouds and we’re officially on our way to Spring and then… Summer! Lordy knows we deserve it.

Sun London

Grab your picnic basket... Cause the sun is out people!

4. The awesome Kate Nash releases her second album today – My Best Friend is You. In an interview with the BBC she said that for this album she drew inspiration from ’60s girl groups and ’90s punk bands. Loving the sound of that! And the title of the album? It relates to her grandparents, who have been married for 57 years. Ahhhh! Visit Kate’s official website here.

Kate Nash

The super talented Kate Nash releases her second album today.

5. On Friday night I discovered Chocolate Fudge Hot Chocolate from Cadbury. It’s soo good. Like really, really good. And I just had another cup. And it’s made this Monday sweeeeeeeet like chocolate baby.

Hot Chocolate

Cadbury's Chocolate Fudge Hot Chocolate. Kissalicious.

Have a fabulous Monday!

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Corsica’s coolest

Yesterday I arrived back in London after a beautiful 11 day trip to France during which time I spent five days in Corsica – the other Emerald Isle, in my opinion anyway.

I spent most of my time in the little town of L’ile Rousse. These were my favourite finds.

For a cute buy

Soi 3 Corsica

Shop for cool quirky stuff and sip on goooood smoothies.

Soi 3 is one of the quirkiest little stores I’ve ever seen. One-of-a-kind stationary sets (black with neon multi-coloured polka dots), frogs in a jar that once you add water turn to dashing young princes. There are also those ever expected photo frames – but seriously cool ones, fridge magnets that double up as bottle openers, belly rings and my favourite, the Freudian slip post-it notes. Genius. Oh and you can also grab lunch from their pasta-only menu or sip on a freshly made fruit smoothie. Find the store in Avenue Piccioni.


Bertini Corsica L'ile Rousse


The locals get their paninis, croissants, pizzas, quiches and other sweet delights from Bertini which is in Avenue Paul Doumer or from Tomasini which is on the corner from Rue Paoli and Avenue Piccioni.

Tomasini Corsica L'ile Rousse


Best restaurants

La Crepiere Corsica L'ile Rousse

La Creperie

La Creperie sells good quality food at great prices. Most restaurants in Corsica close from 3pm – 7pm and only start serving food at 12pm. La Creperie is open just about all the time. They have good omelettes, pizzas, salads, yummy crepes (sweet and savoury) and ice-cream sundaes and serve a pretty decent espresso. All round, they’re super and they’re right on the beach front so you get a great view too.

Chez Paco Corsica L'ile Rousse

Chez Paco

For a mind-blowing paella that will leave you gob-smacked, you have to go to Chez Paco. It’s a family run restaurant that’s been around for 30 years and they specialise in paella. I will be dreaming of this meal until I return to Corsica. Unbelievable. The portion is huge so for good reason, they only serve paella for a minimum of two people. They also make their own version of the traditional Corsican lemon liqueur. Chez Paco, 18 Rue Napolean.

Another fabulous restaurant that you should dine at, is L’Altore. They make the most unbelievable mussels with your choice of curry, garlic and olive oil, roquefort cheese and cream. They serve them with super crunchy french fries that have their middles scooped out so each french fry can be used to scoop up the lip-licking sauce of your choice. They also make fabulous salads like their roast vegetable  salad, or the one with warm, crispy octopus on greens and crispy mini-roast potatoes. The bacon and fried goats cheese salad is also super delicious as too their fried calamari-rings that they serve as a starter. And their Irish Coffee? It’s the biggest one you will ever be served and it comes in a venetian glass that could easily double up as  vase. Awesome. L’Altore, Place du marche

Local designers

Bianc' & Neru Corsica L'ile Rousse

Bianc' & Neuru

I was so surprised to see how fashion forward all the stores in Corsica are! I found the boutique shopping to be better than that in Nice and the local jewellery designers make some stunning pieces. There were a pair of rose gold earrings that caught my eye. They were a modern take on the map of Corsica and so delicate and pretty. Local clothing label, Bianc’ & Neru sells high-quality T-shirts, vests and hoodies for guys and girls that have a number of awesome prints, embellished designs and styles to choose from. Look out for their stores scattered in most of Corsica’s main cities.


Markets Corsica L'ile Rousse

Cheese lovers unite

There are markets in every little town around Corsica. Monday to Sunday farmers, bakers and local producers sell their products from morning till lunch time in L’ile Rousse. There is so much to choose from: cheeses, meat, bacon, ham, fish, local sweet dishes, honey, olive oil, biscuits, nougat and loads more. It’s best to go hungry… So you can try them all! My favourite sweet treats were the honey, polenta and date mini-cakes, the crispy and syrupy bowties and the mini-baklava.

Corsica L'ile Rousse


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I am beyond excited! Squeal!

There are no words. Just watch the video.

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Corsica in pictures







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