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My TV boyfriend

One more sleep and then I get to see my TV boyfriend again – yay!

His name is Stefan Salvatore and he’s the hottie in Vampire Diaries. LOL. I’m currently addicted to this series and all activities cease to exist for an hour on Tuesday nights at 9pm. I haven’t felt so hooked to a plot since well… since… um…. maybe, Prison Break? Yes, I’m sure there are loads of you the world over rolling your eyes, sighing at how lame and out-of-control the whole vampire thing has gotten but seriously, I don’t care.

Paul Wesley

Paul Wesley stars as Stefan Salvatore in Vampire Diaries

Oh and a little footnote, before I continue: I think they got the casting wrong for Twilight – I think Stefan and Elena should have been cast. They actually have on-screen chemistry. Bella… yawn.

If you’re a fan of Paul Wesley (the actor who plays Stefan) here are three quick facts you may not have known about him:

– He’s fluent in Polish.

– His real surname is ‘Wasilewski’ but because people were botching it up all the time, he decided to simplify it.

– The tattoo on his shoulder is real. He debated with the producers about whether the character should have it and they decided, ‘Yes’. High-freaking-five to that.

Paul Wesley

The tat... It's real.

And then, there is the case of his abs. There are no words.

Paul Wesley abs


Paul Wesley



Vampire Diaries is on every Tuesday night at 9pm on ITV2.

If you missed any of the recent episodes, watch them here on ITV’s player

love love love

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Happy Monday!

Today is going to be an awesome day. Here’s why!

1. Glee starts again on E4 tonight at 8pm. Stoked.


2. I bought tickets this morning for Capital FM’s Summertime Ball which takes place at Wembly on 6 June. Let the countdown begin… So excited to Rihanna! Buy tickets here


Rihanna will be performing at the Summertime Ball on 6 June.

3. The sun is breaking through the London clouds and we’re officially on our way to Spring and then… Summer! Lordy knows we deserve it.

Sun London

Grab your picnic basket... Cause the sun is out people!

4. The awesome Kate Nash releases her second album today – My Best Friend is You. In an interview with the BBC she said that for this album she drew inspiration from ’60s girl groups and ’90s punk bands. Loving the sound of that! And the title of the album? It relates to her grandparents, who have been married for 57 years. Ahhhh! Visit Kate’s official website here.

Kate Nash

The super talented Kate Nash releases her second album today.

5. On Friday night I discovered Chocolate Fudge Hot Chocolate from Cadbury. It’s soo good. Like really, really good. And I just had another cup. And it’s made this Monday sweeeeeeeet like chocolate baby.

Hot Chocolate

Cadbury's Chocolate Fudge Hot Chocolate. Kissalicious.

Have a fabulous Monday!

love love love

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‘E’ is for Erin

Erin O' Connor

Erin O' Connor

Guess who I spotted yesterday jumping on the Victoria line at Vauxhall station… Erin ‘O Connor! Looking ever so fabulous – I was so gobsmacked I didn’t pay any attention to what she was wearing. Sorry peeps!

But, because it was my first bit of celeb spotting in London, I just had to share it with all of you.

love love love

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Jason Wilde – the same Jason Wilde – who’s photographs have been exhibited in the Tate Modern, the National Gallery and the Museum of London, snapped my portrait today… For free.

No, I’m not uber special or anything.

Jason is currently holding an open invitation for individuals to have their portraits taken to add to a documentary project he’s been working on – simply to showcase the wide variety of people living in London.

Keen? Tomorrow is your last chance. Head down to 97 Clerkenwell Rd/London/EC 1 between 12pm & 8pm and get in line to be snapped.

Everyone who takes part will receive a free A4 black and white print.

How cool? So cool.

To view more of Jason’s work, hit www.jasonwilde.com

love love love

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From London, with love

I’ve been living in London for 11 weeks now and it’s been a crazy, amazing, wonderful, exhilarating ride so far. There have been moments that have left me stunned, breathless and in awe at the sheer size and dynamic nature of the city. I know there have been many who have felt the wrath of this urban jungle – sleeping on a bunk in a four bedroom flat with ten others scattered in sleepless slumber on a couch, beanbag, or if they have it really bad, a hard wooden floor. Me – I’ve been incredibly blessed. My kitchen has massive gothic-style arched windows that allow me to see the sunrises in all their glory, as the rays pour in and drench my counters with immaculate light. I’ve licked the last sugary morsels, of cream-cheese icing from my lips while watching a gorgeous model strut down the runway, wearing a Burberry trench coat with rouched shoulder-detailing, on a larger-than life screen outside Topshop in Oxford Circus during London Fashion Week. And on New Years Eve, I was one of thousands who stood in a jaw-dropping stupour as one stunning firecracker after the next scattered electric luminosity around the London Eye.

London, I love thee.

London-based photographer Jason Hawkes recently documented the city at night, from above. This is what he captured.

London, The Financial District

The city of London, at night, featuring the financial district, NatWest Tower, and the River Thames. (© Jason Hawkes)

London, Big Ben

Big Ben, above the Houses of Parliament. (© Jason Hawkes)

London, Oxford Circus

Commuters and traffic at Oxford Circus. (© Jason Hawkes)

London, The River Thames & Tower Bridge

The River Thames, featuring Tower Bridge. (© Jason Hawkes)

London, The London Eye

The London Eye on the River Thames. (© Jason Hawkes)

London, Tower Bridge & the Thames

Tower Bridge and the Thames. (© Jason Hawkes)

London, Piccadilly Circus

Piccadilly Circus with the famous Statue of Eros. (© Jason Hawkes)

To see more of Jason’s work, check out his site, www.jasonhawkes.com

love love love

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Alice in wonderland

Mia Wasikowska stars as 'Alice'

Alice and her crew are taking over London. First off, the much-anticipated, can-only-be-fabulous movie by Disney and the kooky Tim Burton hits screens on Friday… And then, the mad-hatters take over.

Head to Beach Blanket Babylon in Shoreditch on 6 March for quirk deluxe at their Mad Hatter’s Ball or join Selfridges in Oxford St and celebrate Alice and the Walrus with their decadent window displays and Mad Hatter’s tea party in the Wonderoom.

For a more cultured approach to all the magic and fantasy the rabbit hole holds, jump on the tube and scoot on over to Euston Rd where Edward Wakeling gives a talk about the photography of Lewis Carroll.

There’s loads happening and TimeOut London has done a fabulous job documenting it all. For more deets on parties, tea drinking and theatre events, check out their site here.

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Ella’s Bakehouse

After reading about the baked treats that were going to be sold in Topshop, I just had to head down to Oxford Circus and check it out for myself. And – oh my gosh – what a great decision it was.

Ella's Bakehosue

Ella's Bakehouse comes to Topshop.

Lorraine Pascal used to be a model – with a sweet tooth. Which as we all know, isn’t really allowed. Then one day while in Paris, she walked off the catwalk and into Patisserie school. Since then, she hasn’t put another perfectly pedicured toe on the runway.

Which is simply a blessing for the rest of us, because she’s really good at what she does. I noshed on a carrot cupcake. The vanilla buttercream icing made me want to reach for a spoon!

Ella's Bakehouse

The cupcake stand in Topshop

Check out Ella’s Bakehouse on the web and should you want to keep in the loop with what Miss Pascale is doing with her days, be sure to follow her on Twitter @lorrainepascal.

Carrot cupcake

From Ella with love...

love love love

❤ ❤ ❤

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