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I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to blog about Birds Boutique Cafѐ. Even though it’s pretty expensive (We’re talking like R60 for lunch excluding your coffee) it’s quirky, awfully cute and just a tad on the nutty side of things – which is probably why I love it so much.

Birds and I got to know each other through work. We were welcoming the new editor to our ranks and took her and the team out for breakfast so that we could all get to know each other a little better. And besides, us media types love any excuse to get out of the office and breakfast or coffee or lunch somewhere.

And so there we were marveling over creamy scrambled eggs, crispy bacon and golden health bread toast. I was hooked after the first forkful. It was imperative that I went back. And since then I’ve been back and then back again and then back another six, seven or maybe 15 times.

The cool thing about Birds is this: first off it’s tricky to find. This is cool though cause you feel kind of exclusive when you’re sitting in there drinking your seriously strong cup of moerkoffie while negotiating pouring your hot milk into your cup – the milk jugs come without handles. It’s genius.

Second, Birds makes you climb out of your comfortable Cape Town bubble. You have to share here you see. Something local, born and bred Capetonians don’t know too much about. It’s not about you. It’s about many. So you find yourself sitting next to some arty type or media folk trying desperately to overhear the local skinner. Just delicious!

Lastly, there’s the fabulous weirdness of it all. While you’re sitting on crates, with green sponges as a cushion, at a long wooden trestle table you suddenly notice the bird cages. And then you hear the bird calls. And then you think you’ve lost your mind cause the bird cages are actually empty but you’re still hearing the chirping. Ha! You’re not going mad. That’s the bird call CD they’ve got playing quietly in the background.

What will make you feel as if you’re hallucinating is the sweet spread of tarts, pastries and heart-shaped butter biscuits covered in hundreds and thousands. The aromas alone put on a trip second to none.

Moral of the story: If you’ve got cash and a long lazy lunch hour on your side, hit Birds. It’s amazing.

Where is it? In Bree Street right next to the entrance of the Chris Barnard hospital. There’s just about no signage however so keep your eyes open.

What’s good to eat? I can highly recommend their chicken pie, avo and grilled chicken salad (served on rye) and anything from the breakfast menu. If you’re looking to cure a sweet tooth, the almond, cranberry and chocolate scones will blow your back and so too will the cheesecake. And the fig, almond and cranberry strudel.

Coffee? Strong, Afrikaans coffee that leaves you feeling like an alarm clock just went off in your head. It’s fabulous.

Who goes there? The fashionable, the arty and most of CT’s media peeps. The Elle team love Birds!



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