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Last year I attended Durban Fashion Week (which by the by, kicked CT Fashion Week right off the runway) and two young designers and their collections remained memorable: Bekky Beaukes and Joline Graham.

Bekky has gone on to feature in Obrigado and Joline showcased at Design Indaba. They’re both doing fabulous things with cotton and thread.

Here are my reviews from last year that appeared on www.seventeen.co.za

img_0019_8d11_Bekky Beukes
Bekky Beaukes: This was my favourite collection out of all the young designers. Dedicating her collection to her brother who is a US Marine, Bekky’s models stepped out looking absolutely gorgeous and so feminine but with an added twist: They all wore army helmets and carried huge, mean-looking guns… Totally unexpected, but an original touch! Bekky’s clothing combines the structured with the slouchy. Paneled, fitted dresses gave way to long, flowing skirts and T’s were combined with mini-tutus… Awesome! Her slouchy, long urban shorts, were beyond cool. All these beautiful outfits had two things in common: models wore wooden crucifixes around their necks and army boots on their feet – but yet, they still managed to look girly and quite sexy at the same time.

Oh and a little bit of goss, Bekky’s dating the drummer of Perez.

img_0279_8d11_Joline Graham
Joline Graham: The music starts to blare… It’s Meredith Brookes and her angry, loud woman- guitar music. Joline Graham is only 22-years-old and I was stunned to see her collection – AMAZING! Inspired by World War II and romantic war movies like Pearl Harbour, the models were dressed in gorgeous, urban wear with killer heels… Ready to tackle the catwalk! Joline isn’t afraid to mix and match fabrics. Denim jackets are given a little bit of an edge with woolen jersey knits that will battle against the elements this winter. Metallic fabric was also added to candy, stripped stretchy tops… So cool! Some of my favourite outfits were a white dress cinched in at the waist with a red belt, super high-waisted dungarees paired with a satin top and the last two dresses that hit the runway – one in red and one in white – they had huge ruffles, high slits and were just breathtaking!

Joline’s personal style message? Always be glamorous! And don’t be scared to show off your more confident assertive side by mixing the very feminine with something a little unexpected.

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