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Happy Monday!

Today is going to be an awesome day. Here’s why!

1. Glee starts again on E4 tonight at 8pm. Stoked.


2. I bought tickets this morning for Capital FM’s Summertime Ball which takes place at Wembly on 6 June. Let the countdown begin… So excited to Rihanna! Buy tickets here


Rihanna will be performing at the Summertime Ball on 6 June.

3. The sun is breaking through the London clouds and we’re officially on our way to Spring and then… Summer! Lordy knows we deserve it.

Sun London

Grab your picnic basket... Cause the sun is out people!

4. The awesome Kate Nash releases her second album today – My Best Friend is You. In an interview with the BBC she said that for this album she drew inspiration from ’60s girl groups and ’90s punk bands. Loving the sound of that! And the title of the album? It relates to her grandparents, who have been married for 57 years. Ahhhh! Visit Kate’s official website here.

Kate Nash

The super talented Kate Nash releases her second album today.

5. On Friday night I discovered Chocolate Fudge Hot Chocolate from Cadbury. It’s soo good. Like really, really good. And I just had another cup. And it’s made this Monday sweeeeeeeet like chocolate baby.

Hot Chocolate

Cadbury's Chocolate Fudge Hot Chocolate. Kissalicious.

Have a fabulous Monday!

love love love

❤ ❤ ❤


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Kris Allen – Let it be

If you missed Kris Allen perform the very moving ‘Let It Be’ on American Idol in tribute to Haiti, you missed a stellar performance from this past Idol winner. He was absolutely brilliant!

But do not fear, you can catch his performance on YouTube. Check it out!

love love love

❤ ❤ ❤

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I remember when Lily Allen’s first single, I think it was, Smile, became a worldwide hit. During a radio interview, the DJ said to her, “So Lily, what are you going to now that you’re famous?”. Lily, totally deadpan, said, “Coke.”

Looking at what she’s gotten up to since then, most people just roll their eyes now and go, ‘That’s so Lily Allen for you.’

But the girl is beautiful. She’s got an attitude, but she’s very pretty. Those big dark eyes, that long dark hair… She’s got her own style going on. If she shuts her mouth and doesn’t say a word, she’s a classic beauty really. Quite frankly, I’m surprised a fancy hot shot designer like Karl Lagerfeld hasn’t snapped her up just yet. Oh wait… He has!


Lily is the face for Chanel’s new handbag range, the Coco Cocoon collection. Shot by none other that Mr Karl himself, Lily looks like an old-school Hollywood glamazon.

Oh, and in her spare time she’s designed a jewellery collection. These are my two fave pieces.

lilyallenjewellery13_V_30jul09_pr_b lilyallenjewellery14_V_30jul09_pr_b

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What to do this August

It’s August people! Yes, yes I know… Like when the hell did that happen? Well it did. I’m not sure about you, but I need a little zip in my zap, a little chill in my chillax and most definitely a heavy dose of chai in my latte. So I’ve come up with three things to get you through the month. And because we’re all cruising along on a number of different budgets, I’ve included something for everyone.


SPA: I’ve been threatening to spa it up recently. However, I’m saving up for a little trip so all that threatening went well, nowhere. But luckily for me, my mom is great at catching not-so-subtle hints. Pezula Spa in Knysna are currently having monthly specials that are just ridiculous to say the least. Their July special (the one I was treated to) included a full exfoliation scrub and an hour, four-hand full body massage. The day package also includes as much tea, coffee and smoothies you can quaff back, use of the hot pool, sauna, steam room and if you’re seriously delusional, the gym. Once you’ve been preened and pampered they then ship you off to Zachary’s for a complimentary lunch. All for R799. Told you it was ridiculous.

Pezula’s August Special (R799)
Classic essential facial
Spa Manicure or Spa Pedicure
Dermalogica Gift
Lunch at Zachary’s
To book, call 044 302 3335


BECOME A CONSCIOUS SHOPPER: Levi’s kicked   off their “Get Rid Of Your Jeans For Good” campaign on 27 July and man or man, it’s simply jeanious. If you’ve got a pair of jeans that you’ve grown out of or if you’re a seriasss fashionistas with denims that are ‘like so last season’, well then you’re going to love this. Take your old Levi’s jeans into any Levi’s store and you’ll receive a R200 voucher to use toward buying yourself a brand new pair of denims. Nice hey. Your old denims will be donated to disadvantaged communities supported by Rocking the Daisies and Rocking the Gardens. I’ll head bang to that.


FOR THE LOVE OF MUSIC: August is alive with the sound of Musica’s latest special. Spend R150 or more and you get a 15% discount off your next purchase.

Right, now that you’ve got the inside scoop, get back to work.

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Look out for…

The very talented Regina Spektor

The very talented Regina Spektor

When it comes to music, I’m obsessed with lyrics. It’s not that I ignore a spine-tingling guitar riff or a thunderous drum roll – I greatly appreciate those – but the lyrics, they have a special quality about them. Regina Spektor knows this. Her latest album, Far, which I’m hoping will soon be sidling up to next the Black Eyed Peas or Taylor Swift on the Billboard charts, is simply a chocolate-coated, caramel-centred treat! She’s quirky in an adorable, kooky kind way but her music is much better than Kate Nash, puts Lily Allen to shame and squashes Lady GaGa’s lame disco beats (and unmentionable lyrics) with this season’s thigh-high boots (I’m getting to this). She plays piano absolutely beautifully and her lyrics expose the deep and meaningful Regina in a way that isn’t pretentious but soulful and honest. It’s a great, great buy.

Must listen to: Laughing With

On a completely different note, America’s much loved, redhead of rock, Hayley Williams from Paramore is gearing up with the rest of her crew to launch their exciting new follow-up album, Brand New Eyes. There was a sass about their last album Riot! that was very difficult to ignore. Of course being the band with the theme song on the Twilight flick, hardly hurt either. Every teen and their NBF (new best friend for those of you who are over the age of 25…) knows about them now. Paramore are currently on tour with No Doubt (am I the only one who thought their come-back on American Idol was utterly disastrous!?).

When to buy it: The first single from the album Ignorance, is available now for digital purchase. Brand New Eyes is due out 29 September.

Style: But now ladies… Listen up. Listen up real good. It’s time to get your sex-kitten on! Now that I have everyone’s attention, it’s time to introduce you to this season’s most desirable trend: The Thigh-High boot.



At the recent couture shows in Paris, footwear took centre stage. Classic and luxe lace-up ankle boots strutted the runway at the Chanel couture show while at the Valentino catwalk next door, models swished and sashayed in points with extravagant, black satin frilled detailing and feather trimming that elegantly wrapped around feet and ankles in a way that made audiences gasp and gawk and got fashionistas and editors scribbling… Yes even though that happened, Vogue is calling the thigh-high boot the hottest, sexiest new ‘IT’ item.

And when Vogue says “Buy”, you say, “How much?”

Stars hit the high street in fashion's latest trend

Stars hit the high street in fashion's latest trend

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Rodger Federer and Andy Roddick are busy clobbering each other on the tennis court as I type this. I really hope Andy wins. There’s something about the underdog sweeping in unexpectedly to take first prize that’s just so awfully thrilling.

But now onto more exciting things shall we…

Here’s what I love, love, love at the moment!


Eat: I’ve always loved Royale Eatery in Long Street but my long-lost craving for their sweet potato chips has kicked up into high gear again and I find myself there at least once a weekend noshing on a bowl of the yummy goodness while flicking through a mag of some sort. Other things to try on the menu are the roast veggie salad (baby spinach leaves, feta, roast veggies and sunflower seeds) and the Federale burger (R56). Milkshakes? It’s a major toss-up between the Oreo or Brownie milkshake. To die for.

I’ve recently (I know, like, where have I been!?) discovered Lazari in Vredehoek and it’s become one of my fave breakfast spots. Scrambled eggs on croissants or their early morning breakfast (R32) consisting of two eggs, four rashes of bacon, two slices of toast and half a fried tomato will sort you out in no time. They make great coffee, the people are lovely and if you’ve got a sweet tooth you have to leave with one of those scrumptious little chocolate caramel biscuit slices (R10). They’re sooo good.

Belle and Bello do Cape Town 001

Style: When it comes to my personal style, I like to mix things up a little bit: like I’ll wear a black strapless dress but then pair it with neon pink stockings and black pumps. If it’s a little chilly, I’ll wear baby pink legwarmers on my arms. Get the drift? One of the greatest clothing boutiques in Cape Town has got to be MeMeMe. Honestly, that place is like my dream wardrobe. I was there this past Saturday ooooing and ahhhing over a blue knitted pageboy cap, a red beret, a mini, navy blue bubble skirt (Doreen Southwood – I love you) and long fingerless cable gloves. I walked out with the gloves. They’re purple and come up to my elbows. Basically, they’re R230 of pure awesomeness.

Drinks: I’m in love with Julep! This tiny hideaway is literally a hole in the wall and you need to dunk down the alleyway between Long Street Café and Café Mojito to find it. Once you’re in though, you feel like you’ve just been let in on Cape Town’s best kept secret – the atmosphere is very Grahamstown but they make super stylish apple martinis and the jukebox kicks out everything from Elvis (I’m all shook up yeaaah hey) to Kings of Leon’s Closer. They’ve got a delish little tapas menu so if you’re feeling a little peckish, olives, cashew nuts and herbed feta cheese will solve all your problems.

Music: I’ve recently discovered The Long Fingers. And they’re addictive. The lead singer has this crazy I’ve-smoked-two packs-a-day voice and their remake of the late King of Pop’s Billie Jean has this unbelievable salsa sound to it… I know it sounds odd, but believe me, it makes you want to get up and get your groove up. Once you’ve heard that, track down Pump Up the Jam. So great! I’ve also got Milow’s acoustic retake of JT’s Technology and Kim Carnes Bette Davis Eyes on repeat. I know it’s a bit of an arb choice. What can I say? I’m nostalgic.

PS. Oh my gawd. The tennis is still on!

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Here’s what I’m buzzing about right now…


Jo Borkett winter sale is now on. Kicked off today so head out and swipe some plastic at stores in Sandton City, Rosebank, V&A Waterfront and Cavendish.

Nike Air max 1

Nike Air Max 1

Nike’s Air Max 1 sneakers are so hot right. The thing to get about them though is this: They’re fashion sneakers and have nothing to do with sport. Got it? Good. But heads up: These sneakers are solely for the brave. They come in screaming neon, making sure that your feet do all the talking. Nike Air Max 1 are for guys and girls. High five!


Fiesta in De Waterkant (Cape Quarters) have a fabulous Monday deal. Half price cocktails before 7pm and order three tapas for R49. Rad. Be there like a bear.


Missy and Ana

Missy and Ana

I’m in love with Ana Nalik – her song 2AM makes my world move. She writes beautifully and her melodies are haunting. Think soundtrack to Grey’s Anatomy.

If you love Fiona Apple, you’ll love Missy Higgins as much as I do. She’s 24 years old, writes her own material and from Oz. I want her wardrobe. And her voice. And she has a kick-ass site.

And have you heard the Razorlight single Wire to Wire!? I can’t get enough.

Hot new teen buy



I predict that Roxy’s new headphones are going to be all the rage when they hit stores in SA. Just launched in the US, they’re so fashion forward coming in blue and green or orange and pink. They also come in three different styles: On ear headphones, In ear headphones and Earbud headphones… I’m itching to buy mine online. Yes, if you were wondering, I am impatient. It’s a digital thing. 🙂


Cool little info bubble hey!

Cool little info bubble hey!

Microsoft have launched their own search engine. So clearly, like everything else, they want to be the best and that means taking on Yahoo! and the oh so obvious Google in the competition for the best search engine. Will they succeed? I don’t think so. Just in life, people have web habits too and one of them is Google. It’s become so instinctive. To make the swap is going to take major conscious effort. I didn’t even last a day.

The cool thing about Bing.com though is the pop-up speech bubble that appears if you scroll over each potential click through link. I am loving that.



Google wave
Google is currently working on their most ambitious project yet – Google Wave. At the moment, it’s only available to developers but by the end of the year, this free tool will be set loose and released into the hands of the public. It’ll run in your browser and will combine elements of e-mail, instant messaging, Wikis and photo-sharing. Sounds amazing doesn’t it!? If you want to check out a preview click here!

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