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Rimmel’s got the blues

My super stylish friend Hayley has made a fabulous find. After heading to Debenhams and being told that Chanel’s Nouvelle Vague was sold out, Hayley had a moment – but then she moved on. To Boots.

And it was a good move, because Boots stock Rimmel and Rimmel have come up with their own pretty version of Nouvelle Vauge. Ladies, introducing Sky High.

Rimmel Sky High

Get sky high...

Go get you some…

love love love

❤ ❤ ❤


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Love love love! I’m officially in love with this new trend. Spotted it in the lastest September 2009 US magazine and just HAD to share it with all of you.

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M.A.C SS09 launch

“… Make-up that appears organic… About redefining feminity… About experimenting with the boundaries of what is beauty…”

C.Dinnigan_2216_SS09_PW Diesel.Black.Gold_2038_SS09_PW

If I wasn’t so completely obsessed with words, lyric and rhyme, I think I would have loved a career in hair and make-up artistry. One of my absolute favourite places in the whole world is going to visit Lauren – my hairdresser. My second favourite place is the M.A.C store in the V&A Waterfront. I love the way the little glass jars hold all those rich pigments and how they look like they’re dancing in the lights.

I’m not afraid to experiment – I welcome blueberry shadow on my lids and chunky blonde steaks in my hair. Which is why I love M.A.C: deeply and irrevocably so. There’s a way to wear everything without looking naff. Betsy Johnson knows it. And this upcoming Spring/Summer 09, M.A.C knows it too. They’re welcoming all kinds of colour with their flip-top, multi-compartments beauty palettes and 204 brushes. It’s time to get your paint on.

As the world sees itself collide with ideas of technology versus nature, the make-up world is following suit by combining the very organic with the very synthetic. You’re going to see colours clash, collide and blend like never before. Think pink and yellow shades around the eye, lavender lips, hospital blues and sickly greens. Colours melt and smudge simply perfectly as if you were walking the streets on a humid night out. It’s out with the shadows and in with chunky, extra-carbon black liner and creamy shadows.

Then there’s the translucent skin: bye-bye Brazil, hello Ireland. Skin shines in all the right places with shots of metallic and then is simple and matt elsewhere. Cheek bones are sharp. Eye brows are full and almost unkept – they’re Brooke Shields in the early ’90s. And lips – they’re punchy, extroverted and punk in Russian Red or M.A.C’s brand new Black Night lipstick.

Here are the five looks of the M.A.C SS 09 collection:

1.    Artifice



The idea here is finding beauty in the bizarre and unconventional. If make-up were fabric, it’s about a raw edge that says ‘No’ to a hemline. It’s all about ultra matt skin, with a sharp signature be it a strong brow or gawk at me lips – and that means a strong colour or no colour at all, think stone taupe for the latter. Cheek bones are chalky and accentuated. Nothing is off limits here. Think a child who’s discovered make-up for the first time to a professional who’s experimenting with synthetic, unnatural beauty. At the Gareth Pugh show, make-up artists built 3-D eye liner that literally made models appear to have cats’ eyes. It’s the complete opposite of our traditional thoughts of beauty, but there’s something truly gorgeous about it.

2.    Hydraluminous

A.Dell.Acqua_2007_SS09_PWE.Pucci_2094_SS09_PW 1x2

Your skin is a reflective surface, so let it shine. Eyes shimmer in smoky kohl and angel dust gold. Lips are completely naked and simply get a swipe of concealer. To achieve this look you need to start off with really moisturized skin. Take inspiration from nature when it comes to this one and think fresh, spring dew. Add a great dollop of M.A.C Strobe cream to really pump skin up to a shiny luster. Then blend, blend, blend until it all looks modern, natural and others mistake you for a make-up free zone.

3.    Black to earth

ashish_2050 1x3Temperly.London_2095_SS09_PWx2

Just like the opposing voices siding on either end of the current environmental debate, there’s nothing quiet about this season’s smoky eye. China’s sooty skies is where it’s at. Eyes get blacked out and then polished all the way up to the brow with mineral shades, cream textures and melted liners. Then kick-up the sex appeal with pushed out, sharp-winged eyes. The rock goddess just walked into the room, and everyone else knows it. If you’re really, really good at this, here’s the ideal look to achieve: it’s as if you’ve just done your sexiest, fiercest eyes and then stood with your face over a steaming kettle. There’s a slight D.I.Y effect to this look, but there’s a little drama there too.

4.    Revolutionary nature

M.Cheap.Chic_2001_SS09_PW 1x2DKNY_2067_SS09_PW

Hush people, the tribal princess is having a moment. She’s natural, but she’s upgraded. She’s innocently glowing thanks to a “flushed from within” effect gained from applying blush and shimmer directly over foundation before powdering the skin. The creamiest foundations, colours and blushes are used to make skin look as natural as a swept up sea shell on the beach.

5.    Tender tone


Summer is all about the beach… And ice-cream! M.A.C visits the ice cream parlour from your dreams and creates sugar and candy for the eyes in pastels that instantly transform you into the cherub who hit studio 54. There are soft washes in lilac, candy floss pink, peach sorbet, pistachio green and peach yogurt. Lips kiss and tell in lavender and violet. It’s a little futuristic when paired with silver shadow dabbed in the inner corners of the eyes. Try marshmallow pink on your upper lids and soft yellow blended into your upper cheek bones and under the eye, for a fun summer day look. It’s fallen fairy. Marie Antoinette in her teens… Long live the rainbow child.

Place: Bell-Roberts Gallery, Fairweather House, Woodstock
Make-up artist: Lesley Keane. She’s Irish, so naturally everyone loved her. And she’s worked on Erin O’ Connor, who I absolutely adore.
Food and drinks: Multi-coloured bottles of vitamin water – it’s natural, but it’s synthetic. Clever huh? Mini snack platters featured mini-fillet steaks, Vietnamese spring rolls filled with lots of crunch and avo, crostini topped with salmon… There’s was more, but that’s all I tried I’m afraid. 🙂
Goodie bag: If you don’t want to be ill for the rest of day, skip this part. I received 21 items of gorgeous new make-up. From foundation, to strobe cream to liners of every kind, two kinds of mascara, mineralize blush and the most perfect Marilyn Monroe red lipstick. I did warn you. Plus we got a book documenting all the trends. It’s so beautiful, it doubles up as a coffee table book.

Thank you M.A.C. It was truly special and a wonderful surprise. A few of my colleagues and my mom are thrilled too… I’m a nice person 🙂

A.CostarellaR_2125_SS09_PW 1x3

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